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Prayer is an essential skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), providing various buffs and advantages to players. Maximizing its potential involves understanding the mechanics and employing efficient training methods. To aid in this endeavor, OSRS offers a variety of tools and calculators, allowing players to optimize their prayer training for maximum efficiency.

Understanding OSRS Prayer

Prayer in OSRS allows players to activate prayers that provide boosts in combat, protection, and other benefits. These prayers consume Prayer Points, which are regenerated over time or through items like Prayer potions or Altars.

Training Prayer Efficiently

1. Traditional Methods

  • Burying Bones: The most basic method involves burying bones, granting minimal Prayer XP.
  • Big Bone Altar: Offering big bones at a Gilded Altar with burners lit provides increased Prayer XP compared to burying.
  • Dragon Bones/Inferior Dragon Bones: Offering these bones at a Gilded Altar provides significant XP per bone.

2. Ensouled Heads

  • Killing creatures in the game and reanimating their ensouled heads at the Dark Altar grants Prayer XP. This method provides a unique and often faster way to train Prayer.

OSRS Prayer Calculators

1. Gilded Altar Calculator

This tool helps calculate the amount of XP gained by using different bones on a Gilded Altar, factoring in burners and any modifiers.

2. Ensouled Head Calculator

Players can input the type and number of ensouled heads they possess to estimate the Prayer XP they’ll gain when reanimating them.


Q1: What is the best bone to use for training Prayer?

A1: Dragon Bones or Inferior Dragon Bones offer the best XP rates when used on a Gilded Altar.

Q2: How much XP do I get from burying bones?

A2: Burying bones provides minimal XP, typically around 4 XP per bone.

Q3: Can I use the Gilded Altar in someone else’s house for Prayer training?

A3: Yes, you can use another player’s Gilded Altar for prayer training, but it’s customary to give them a donation for their services.

Q4: Are there any quests that give Prayer XP rewards?

A4: Yes, several quests offer Prayer XP rewards upon completion, such as The Restless Ghost and Holy Grail.

Q5: How do Prayer potions work?

A5: Prayer potions restore Prayer Points based on the player’s Prayer level.

Q6: Is it worth using ensouled heads for Prayer training?

A6: Yes, ensouled heads can provide a faster and often more engaging alternative to traditional bone-burying methods.


Mastering Prayer in OSRS involves a blend of efficient training methods and utilizing calculators to optimize XP gains. Whether through traditional bone offerings or the use of ensouled heads, players can tailor their approach to suit their preferences, advancing their Prayer skill and enhancing their gameplay experience in Old School RuneScape.

By employing these resources and strategies, players can elevate their Prayer skill, unlocking powerful prayers and gaining an edge in combat and other aspects of the game.